Post 1

These begining shots are of some of our California relitives...

A good family shot; Including my Dad's cousin Brad Pipel, and my cousins Danielle Bendixen, and Derek Bendixen.

Danielle and Derek

Brad with my Dad

Levi, with his cousins.

Levi with a star fish.

The Alessios had a 25 year wedding anniversary. So they had a get together at the church they were married at and had a wedding reenactment/blessing service...

The five younger children. (You can see the two older, Rick and Faith on Post 10.)

This was the blessing time. All the men went up and pronounced or prayed a blessing over Mr. and Mrs. Alessio. It was really wonderfull. Lots of great blessings.

Not the best shot, but this is Dave and Beulah Mead singing. Dave Mead writes songs and sings. They have been a big insperation to me.

The DeLaduranteys, always eager to help.

What fun!

The annual ski trip with the Boyds...

On the way...

It was great.

Nate, his hair got a little out of line under that hat.


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