Post 100

Well faithful followers, we've hit the big 100!

Isn't that a great picture! Caught Sammy Goodreau sitting in his yellow boots with the smiley ball. And you just can't beat Sammy's power grin.

Had a great impromptu singing time Sunday night, worshiping our Lord. Glory to Jesus! Wish all the world could have been there.

Also had a good game of Capture the Flag. 'Course I spent most my time in jail. Here's a few shots of the tough-as-nails jail guards...

Look out for the club

Audrey, you've also got to see a great edited picture of her at Eleazar's site. Move your mouse on and off it fast.

Visited the Basic Seminar. Came for the people. I did get in on about the last 5 minutes of 2 sessions, and they were really good, but mostly came for the people. I couldn't miss the Children's Institute. Here's James and Elizabeth, who were heading up the program. Actually it's called Joyful Kids now. Here's some of the teachers...

[See that pretty girl with the curly blond hair. That's Amanda Biddinger. I had no idea that she would be my wife in 2 years! Now she's Amanda Bendixen! ...(Added 12-10-8)]

It's been taken over by youngsters! At least I think so. See the girl in the middle, that's Nicole Stark (Nicky). She was a 6 yrs old student back when I was first teaching these in Detroit's Cobo hall, now she's 16.

I dug up a picture from back then. Here I am at 15 or 16, in 1996.

The Alessio kids spent a day with us, here we did some fishing.


At the park with my mom

Levi, doing some bedside RC car driving. I used to do that.

What do you suppose the J is for? Why JESUS!, of course.

!Beware of vindow vipers!

My friend Joe Garrity sent me a couple pictures of me being swallowed by the stairway.

Actually I had to run a wire under those stairs.

Check out some good music I found today. It's Brother Elmer Mackall Try #6 Somewhere Around God's Throne, and #7 An Eye from on High. "There's an eye watchin' you!" Or hit the Play All button on the right column. (This is on a secular site. Also their link titled "Brother Elmer Mackall website", is actually a Godless site distributing his music. He is deceaced and does not have a web site.)

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