Post 103

The heat has hit. And for me, that means lots of AC repairs. Not much time on my hands for writing and photo postage. But I'm still rejoicing in the Lord, and thanking Him all the time. He is still being better than ever to me! Here's a few shots to suit your interest...

Good ole' Zack.

Rachel's birthday party...

Leahs cello

Charity's new hair doo. Doesn't it look horrible.

It's just a wig, don't worry

My Brothers and I working. Spent a delightful day on this roof top doing air conditioning.

Eleazar bringing on the drinks.

Jeriah chipping away at the furnace.

Sue and Katie, very proud owners of a new American Standard furnace and air conditioning system. (thanks to us:-)

Their old one

David Bulliner, and Jennifer Cenzer got married, and a touching wedding it was. God bless you a whole bunch Mr. and Mrs. Bulliner! Love ya'

Beware of the male man.

Look at that. I still have one faithful listener.

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