Post 104

I'm enjoying the summer. I went riding the moped, and walking around the town for a couple hours the other day praying for everyone. It was such a delight to spend some time with the Lord. Even went down to a few nature areas, and enjoyed the river and woods. God was all over the place. He's everywhere, you know.

I spent a hour or so resting, and singing to the Lord, then taking a nap out here.

My brother and I went down to this fine beach and took a swim after work the other day. Whew, that water was wet! My pants were soaked. But it sure was worth it...

Then the family went to the Heritage Festival down the street from us. I'm getting a new custom fitted leather guitar strap from one of the artists there. I'm excited about it...

Why would they put up a special sign just to keep us bears out of the water? I don't know, but here it is.

The Don't Look Now jug band. They were funny.

Alanna Johnson took the moped for a spin.

Levi and I got to go give out Bibles at the Oakland University here with Bibles For America. I appreciated their Cafe O Bear's.

My birthday party. God was with us, it was wonderful to have such peace, and loving people in our house...

I was so happy to have Lei over (L.), along with Mrs. Chritiana Leal (R.). Lei is learning all about the Bible and God, and belief in Jesus. She is such a blessing.

Lei got me this special poster with the things Jesus is called written out on it. It is just what I was telling her about, that Jesus is often called things that discribe Him. Like Word, and Light, and Lamb of God. And then she got me this poster. Isn't it great!

A church meeting...

The new guy. (Richard Gilbert)

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