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This week I've been learning how to conquer discouragement. There were a couple situations which I thought on so much, and on all the bad implications they could have that eventually I allowed myself to get very discouraged. I told my Dad about my discouragement, and he gave some good advice. He said "Sometimes Bear, you may need to do like David did. Take your guitar, go out alone where nobody is, and worship the Lord. Remember 'The joy of the LORD is your strength.' (Ne 8:10c) Praise and rejoice in the Lord, that will get rid of discouragement."

So I did. I tried it. I praised the Lord. I ascribed greatness to our God the rock. And He did conquer the discouragement!

Here's something I wrote from that time...

The Lord is good, His way is perfect. There is no fault in Him. He is the giver of life, and joy! His mercies are new every morning. He is always full or faith. He never fails, never doubts... He is able, He is able, I KNOW He is able! He heals the broken hearted, He sets the captives FREE, He makes the lame to walk again, and He causes the blind to see! Look on Him! Oh, you can you see it! He is so wonderful! He is so competent, and understanding. Each and every thing in our lives He cares for... Here comes Jesus! See Him walking on the water? He'll lift you up! and He'll help you to stand! Here comes Jesus. He's the captain of the waves that role. Here comes Jesus HE'LL MAKE YOU WHOLE!... Thank God for everything. Not because you feel like it, but because it's true. He's the King!

The joy of the Lord is MY strength.

Here's some pictures from last Sunday...

Volleyball at the barn

Girls being themselves

The Doingy Boy

Here I took a nice walk. The Lord encouraged me here.

The beauty of the Lord

Bike riding


Erin Michaels graduation party. It's that time of year.

Here's some pictures from a while ago the Ericksons gave me...

Spent a lovely evening with our good friends the Robinsons. Who I hereby officially sentence to practice Heb 10:25 with us more often. "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."....

Master Paul Robinson


My Mom

My Dad and Rachel

They found some bunnies.

The authoritative Mr. Robinson

Myself and Abby




As I've attested to so many times before. There's always hope in Jesus! Praise be to Him! I looked up some instances of hope from the past for my encouragement...
Google search for hope on

Here's a few...

...There is a bigger hope, there is a brighter future...
...He's always outdoing Himself for me. Fresh new blessings innumerable...
...there is always hope. And big hope...

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