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Spent some time with the Shervishes. Laura's Graduation...

My parents with the Willards and Mrs. Shervish.

Me and my bros.

I don't know how I managed to miss taking a picture of Laura here. But she did have this picture there on her picture board. It's her and her brother with me from 9 years ago when I was 17. I was one of there teachers at the Detroit Children's Institute in 1997. Miriam too, she was also a teacher.

It was nice to see our friends from St. Clair Shores. Laquieres, Williards, Shervishes, Arnts, they were such an encouragement to be around. I wish I could be with them a week.

My family there

Bike riding

Rootin' tootin' rough rider

We played this game Apples to Apples where your supposed to match like words out of all the players entries. Matt was suppoed to match one to "dazzling", and out of all the entries wich he slowly eliminated one by one he narrowed it down to "The Dump". Very dazzeling indeed.

We went to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra 2 nights in a row. Really fun concerts...

Metro Beach park

James and Mary Johnson came with.

Stoney Creek Metro park. I really enjoyed this one. Mostly all the friends were fun to be with. And the conductor was very good.

This little girl Grace was let conduct.

The Thompson kids. Evan, Collin, and others. I saw them at a Lapeer Symphony Orchestra concert. I've certainly been spoiled with the symphonies.

Lew Sterret's Sermon on the Mount. We got to go to it 3 nights this week. All very good. My favorite was on the heart being for the master, instead of simply lips, or actions...

My brothers and I got to play music there a couple nights. Also got Jonathan, and David Bullinger on the ends there too. Had a blast. Pardon the mugs, they don't show it. Really, we did smile:)

El on his banjo

A beautiful couple, my parents.
Gary Bendixen and
Nyla Bendixen

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