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Now isn't that nice. That's what we all want isn't it? "Beloved, let us love one another. For everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God." 1John 4:7-8 "Wuv" is the same as "Love":-)

Spent the day at Mrs. Sweet's pond. It was a little too big for her last year, she wanted to have less people this time. That's why it wasn't announced much ahead of time. Ho, everyone that thirsteth. Come ye to the waters...

Leah Smithling was trying to hide behind Hannah there, but Hannah kept jumping out of the way.

Mr. Carriger and my Dad. Here's a quote I thought was insightful from my Dad Gary Bendixen. "The hardest battles are when good is mixed right in with bad." It takes a cunning sword of the Spirit. Thank God we have that.

Elisabeth's baptism


I didn't get to take a shot of everyone baptised. In all there was Elisabeth Alessio, William Carriger, Jacob Graham, Sarah Heyworth, and Jonathan Goodreau.

Graham Family

Carriger Family

Alessio Family

Heyworth Family

Nap time for Emma


Throwing game


Sand Man Sam

My mother and I glazed some pottery at a local place for her birthday this past week. I'm really excited about the mug I made... Come in the River you've lived long enough. Dip, lay your life down, a new life's begun! (I am a Dreamer, last line) See that frog, going KAPOOSH, fully submursed in the water? That's what we can be like with God. Jump on in, the water's fine! Isn't that true, the life surrendered to God is the Good life.

Everyone is looking for inner peace, everyone. Just look around and point to them one by one and see, everyone is driven by the search for inner peace. Where do we find it? Not by pleasing ourselves, that won't get it. It's only in living for another, and that is God. We are living the life of God when we give to those that have nothing to give back, when we smile at those who only know how to frown, and when we love those who have no love to return. But it is a fulfilling life, have no doubt. It's a life filled with inner peace like a river. Look at that frog up there again, just swimming in that river of God's peace. Plunge into the will of God! Surrender!

I've completed my Censoring Guide for The Forgotten. I know it's a little like walking on thin ice to recommend a DVD. But as long as you censor this one I highly recommend it, just be sure to use my Censoring Guide. God used it to teach me a very good, and vidid lesson on remembering the work of the Lord in my life. Rent it at a local place and watch it following this Guide...
Censoring Guide for The Forgotten (PDF)

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