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Spent a very encouraging weekend at Family Renewal Camp with Family Fellowship Bible Church.

With a name like that, guess that the focus was on?... Family, a very needed focus. There are too may weeping parents out there, we need to bring back some HOPE. Here's something to all of you who happen to come from parents... Honour your parents, it's the way of life. There's too much heart ache, don't add to it. Let's bring some smiles!

Don Herron chalk talk

Some folks from Old Paths church in New York came too.

Lot's of good music

Charles Barkowski III on the trump.

Mrs. and Mr. Jay Folk. That man's inspiring.

Truckin' Tom Herron, sure nice to see him again after years. Doing' well.

Me with Josiah


Mr. Tietz, fancy duds huh!

Josiah, and Katherine Tietz

I got in some really good story reading, we had fun. Praise the Lord, He makes all things good.

Went with the Heyworths to Tall Ships in Bay City.

And who did we bump into but Beaulah Mead, Dianne Mollard, and Cathy Yirka.

This is just a reminder for me, to not bug people.

Here's a test question for all you new drivers...
When you're driving on the sidewalk because the street is backed up, who has the right of way, the automobile, or the pedestrians?

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