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Had a great time at the Oakland County 4H Fair. Got to see some old friends, and have a good time with Brothers and Sisters in God's big happy family. Got to pass out lots of my CDs too. May the Lord bless, bless, bless all who here them, by speaking many wonderful truths into their hearts.

Some of us guys. You'll notice our hero there in the back right. James Johnson, he drove his race car in the figure 8 race.

Patience with Josh Boyd


Here's Mrs. Haynes. No she doesn't usually dress like a clown. We had a good time talking about what God has been doing in our lives these days.

Merrit McGee



Bengie Brocher

Beth, Christa, and friend

My friend Joe McGee won this John Deer bike. He was the perfect one to win it too, he was wearing a John Deer hat, and belt. Praise you Jesus!

Clark and Matheson boys

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd

Bobbie and her friends, Tabitha Quinn (left, from Connecticut), and Anya (right, from Russia)

Bobbie unhidden! Bobbie and Tabitha have a sewing site here


Roger and Tina, with Esther. Oh, they are a blessing

Nice foot

The great Figure 8 Race!

There's James' masterpiece race car. See how it says on the side "JESUS SAVES HE'S THE MAN". Don't you just love it!

My mom was just laughing hysterically at all those old junkers racing around that track.

At last they disqualified James' car because the rear hood broke off and was dragging. They though it might hit a driver.

Patience and I. She was trying really hard not to smile.

Here's a few of the girls.

It was so nice to see Mrs. Rothenhauser. Mary and Clayton were there with her too, all looking very well. I love that family, may God grant them his highest blessings.

And now we bring this to a close. The Lord be with you, one and all. Love ya'

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