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Went to see our friends the Alessio's Celtic band Pilgrim Fili perform at the Eastern Michigan Fair. You can hear a sample of them on my brother's site in the pod cast section.

Just a little plaque I saw on one of the benches there. Caught my interest.

Here's me and my brothers. We went to a Grace Fellowship youth reunion and saw a bunch of old timer friends, and many kids of theirs. Pardon my nervousness. I was getting tired holding them all up.

Aaron and Elisabeth Mead

Dan Cleament with Aaron

Dan and Heather Widdis

David and Sarah Landers

One of Nathaniel DeSonta's

Eddie Brooks with his wife.

Mr. and Sarah Beth Habbermill

Rachel Glenn with her husband, sorry the name slips me. She used to be Rachael Roberts.

Davey and Alicia Mead

Ben and Leah Mead

Cooper kids

Paul Wilcox

Carrie and Jonathan Owens. Formerly Carrie Habermill.

This is a Grace Reunion. I think it is such a wonderful thing. Let's remember, and testify to all the works of God in the Grace years. We have all gone many different ways.

Now we could at this reunion all grump and gripe about things back at Grace.

But what fun would that be?!!

I'd much rather remember God. It's a road we are on, a road toward God. Be thankful for where He has carried you thus far. Be thankful for your past. I remember time and time again coming back from church on a Sunday evening and thinking "Wow! God is working. It could not get any better! Lives are being changed! Families are being reconciled! People are being delivered!", and I was freshly amazed week after week that God's work lived on, new great things were happening continually, the Spirit did not die!!

"Write the vision" What do you want to write?...What do you want to remember?...The Vision!...Remember the Works Of God!!! (Hab. 2:2)

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