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I see a problem...
In this world many are saying there is no difference between male and female, many are blatantly promoting a homosexual or "gay" lifestyle. Where they say there is no such thing as men and women. "We are all the same," they say. Many are not happy with their gender, and are trying to ignore it. For instance, some men don't want to be a husband, they say "I'll pretend I'm a lady, and marry a man." Cross dressing is a big part of it. There was a man who came into our church one time. But he had this problem. He wanted to look like a lady. So he medically modified his body to look like a lady, he wore a dress, long hair, makeup, and jewelry. He told people he was a lady, and to call him Mary instead of his real name Gary. He was offended if you referred to him as a "him". Gary was not happy to be a man, at least that was the impression he was giving. As you can see, it would cause a disturbance in others. The men didn't think it would a good idea for him to frequent the men's room, acting like that right alongside their children, and of course the women didn't want him in theirs. This man tried so hard, but in the end, he was just as much a man as he always was. He couldn't change anything. I don't usually talk bad about people's looks, but that man made a really ugly woman. Poor guy, he needed help.

Now if you'll pardon me while I mount my pulpit, I have a little preaching to do. I haven't had much feedback lately, maybe this will get your attention!...

Why is it so easy to see how that man's heart was not happy with the man God made him; But when it's the other way around, and a lady acts like a man, no one blinks an eye? We need to judge, and judge righteously! Why is it that women can appear unsatisfied with the gender their loving Father made them, and no one thinks it strange? They can dress like a man, medically disable their female organs, work like a man, talk like a man, act just like a man, and it's considered perfectly acceptable. I say, let's get rid of that trash! Be blatantly happy with your gender! If you're a man, be blatant about it. Let it be known loud and clear "I AM A MAN!" Be strong, be a warrior for righteousness. Honor the ladies, be a loving man, but be a man. Look like a man, make sure everyone sees that you "wear the pants." If you're a lady, be blatant about it, let everyone see it plain as day "THERE GOES A REAL LADY!" Go all out with the frills. Wear dresses, makeup, jewelry, long hair, curls, flowers, pink, anything to be girly! Dress modestly, and be honorable. Don't be assertive, not a women, but a lady! Only sissy men like manly ladies, and only manly ladies like sissy men. So if you've been slacking on your gender, it's time to repent before God and man. Before God because you have dishonored Him. Before man because none of us can see another's heart, only God can, all we can see is what comes out of it. Then go and be openly, blatantly, flagrantly the man or lady God made you to be!

OK I've said my piece, I'll dismount my pulpit, I now release you to the Holy Spirit. Just so you'll know, I am not condemning any of you, but I am condemning your sin. I hate, hate, hate sin. And I love, love, love people. I am a people person, I think people are great. I sure love you all, and want what's best for you.

Helped build this roof...

The kids played with the horses while we worked.

Our front flower bed. Don't they do a nice job.

Jesus loves you. Isn't it He nice!

Visited the Graham family, wonderful to see them...

We spent the day as a family down in Detroit. We went to Detroit's historic Fort Wayne. It was really cool. It was quite run down, and not really set up for touring. But that made it more fun, no little signs reading "don't touch." We had pretty much free range. Then a nice guy Thomas took us around who showed and told us about everything.

The legendary Bendixen family!

The fort (above) was the oldest part on the grounds, built in the 1840s. It interested me the most, the design. That, and vintage graffiti in there. Here's some...

This one's carved in the door. They looked this guy "J.S." up in the records, and he was actually there back in 1864.

Get one from your local male man.

There were many old falling apart buildings from this vintage. They're going to have to tear a lot down. Restoration costs money, and that's not something Detroit has.

After that we spent quite some time poking around the allies in Detroit. Checking out all the fancy paint jobs, and other interesting things...

Someone lived in, under, and behind this old trailer. Eleazar snuck a picture inside it.

Someone lived here too. They had their bicycle there, a couple ladders to climb up to different levels on that concrete structure, and of course a fresh paint job.

The Ambassador Bridge in the distance

Cranes for loading/unloading barges. We watched them unloading steel from one.

A very interesting day. God bless Detroit! And God bless you, one and all. Keep at it warriors for holiness, ever onward and upward. It's all about love. Love God more, and more. Press on the upward way! Rejoice in the Lord! Romans 14:17 "For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost." Isn't He great!

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