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In memory of Ed Johnson (click to enlarge). He went to see the man he loved most, Jesus. What I remember most about him is... he wanted everyone to know that Jesus loves them. He would always give out cards that said "Jesus Loves You". Last summer I was talking with him, asking what he had been thinking on recently, and he told me a poem. It went something like this... "May the love of Jesus shine through my eyes." I looked at him, and I thought, "It does." So I asked him if I could take his picture. I did, and when I looked at the picture (above), I though,"Yes, the love of Jesus does shine through his eyes, it really does." Another thing I remember about him is he would always tell of how he was able to share Jesus with someone, he would tell them "You know, there's only 2 types of people. Those who are saved, and those who are about to be. Which one are you?" He was able to bring the gospel to many people that way. He was an inspiration behind a song of mine. I Am a Dreamer (hear it here), listen as if he is singing it. That is what he was all about. Honor Grandpa Johnson, come to Jesus, He loves you.

Life has been pretty slow for me lately. It has given me the opportunity to focus on art. Painting, trumpet, organ, guitar, and piano, and some writing. Here's some of what I've been doing...

I am working on painting this old canvas into a triumphant ray of HOPE!

It should look like this sketch. I'll let you know when it's done.

The Horse and Rider (Click picture, 0.7mb MP3). A very fun song. A song of victory! It's fun to sing too, but that's difficult on the trumpet. I've been studying to play trumpet by ear. I've been working in the key of C (D on trumpet), and am steadily getting better at it. Learning a few tricks.

There's an Eye Watching You!(Click picture, 2.6mb MP3) Great song here. Better fear the Lord, He's always watching. On the organ (piano too) I'm just sticking with the 3 main chords for the key. I've been practicing in the keys of C# and F#, that way as long as I stick with the black keys I can hit a few "oops" notes and they sorta' fit. Easy's the key! The Brother Elmer Mackall CD I mentioned a while back got me excited about trying this, and I really like how it's coming along. Pardon my brother in the recording, he was playing with his phone.

The mouse over image would be more fitting with "Eye" song above. So just remember that song when you see this picture. As for this song(Click picture, 2.9mb MP3)... There are what seems like hardships, but it makes life fruitful. The blessings far overcome the pain in getting there. Die to the world! Rest in peace. This is a song I learned from a friend of mine Greg Thompson. It is so true. Musically it involves 2 chords played in 3 positions on the guitar. Something I've been trying for a couple months.

Lovely friends

Joseph being Spider Man

Me too!

My Dad, Gary Bendixen

Mr. friendly

It rained so hard the down spout was spouting at the seams.

We got to visit our Grand Rapids friends. Here's a picture of them from this spring at Tom and Rebecca's wedding. It's just so nice to see them all there.

Here are the Moores from G.R. This picture's actually 3 years old, now they have 3 mighty fine kids. Click picture (4.8mb MP3) to hear a song from the mother, she's a singer/songwriter.

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