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My grandpa Jerry R. Hiatt went to heaven yesturday evening (7:30pm Mtn, Sat 10-22-06). He was a committed christian. He would always tell the good ol' boy about Jesus at the coffee shop. I honor him, and respect him a lot. He was such a fun loving guy. If any of you plan on going to heaven soon, watch out behind the doors, he'll probably be there waiting to jump out and startle you!

My family and I were just down to visit him this past week at their home in New Mexico. We had a good visit with my grandparents. I am very glad we went. We were able to record some of his stories and advice. My grandfather had some very fast acting cancer, they found out about it only 3 weeks ago. So it is kind of sudden for us. We will be going down this week too for the funeral. So you can pray for that this week. My grandfather said he definately wanted a salvation message at his funeral, he also chose some songs. Also, I think my grandmother will probably come and live here with us sometime.

Here are my grandpa and grandma. As you can see, he was a kid right through the end.

My grandma

Mexico across the Rio Grande

We got the jam with these folks.

That was some bug.

At the apple orchard with a bunch of friends...

Night night, Jesus loves you.

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