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We went to our good friends the Heyworth's for church. It was a wonderful time. There weren't many of the usual people, just 4 families. So it was a smaller group, but a good one. We talked about the blessing of doing what's right, versus the curse of doing what's easy. For an extreme example take a drunkard, they are looking for some happiness and peace, and just keep drinking trying to find it, but never do. Us Christians can do the same thing just in more "Christian" ways, like playing games, eating, watching movies, playing instruments, computing, sleeping, etc. So instead of grasping for peace in all this, we need to ask God what he wants us to do and do that. Then we'll find that peace we crave. Pretty good, isn't it?

We also spent some time outside yesterday playing ultimate football, tag, and spoons. It was warm, and I think it may be one of the last warm Sundays, so we made the most of it. Then in the evening we sat around and talked, played foosball, played some music, and had a pizza dinner. Had a great day with the family of God.

Carrigers on a walk


The great ultimate football game

I got a new hat. Here's Laura modeling it.

Here I am in it. JESUS IS LORD! Don't you love it! Spread the Light!

The famous Kid In Coat ride.

She's a cellist now. I don't know if that means she's always on the cell phone, or she just got out of jail. But, that's what they said she is.

One says Apple Pie, because it is. The other says Jesus, but it isn't. I made those pies. Pardon my boasting, but they were delicious!

Levi turned 15.

Statue of Liberty

Fire it up! I love those bon fires.

A club my brother and I helped with...

Some boys at houses where we were working...

This one's holding our light

Here's Pauley. He and his sister really like to see us work, and they give us hugs whenever we leave.

My brothers and I at the coffee shop. It was so nice out, we went on a bike ride then there. I don't think they were too excited about a picture right then.

Try the music video here by the aged Cash. It has a powerful message. Caution: There's one sware word in the center of it.

How do you like my new gold stickers? Want one? Then order a free CD, and you'll get one! Oh yeah, the orders will be flooding in now!

My grandmother is staying with us now. She always likes to help, here she is raking leaves. My parents brought her home after my grandfather passed away a couple weeks ago. I thank all of you who have sent your care. We have received so much love.

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