Post 123

(How'd ya like that? 1-2-3, Jesus loves me!)

Here's my Grandmother looking at all her old letters and pictures from her mother and grandmother. She has some really neet old stuff.

This is a Hymnal she brough which belonged to her grandmother, my great great grandmother.

Reads: Take this as a gift of love that seeks thy good alone, keep it for thy givers sake but view it for thy own.

Here's a bike ride we took with Sue and Katie

Katie looks a little skeptical in this picture......understandably so. She said this will keep her humble, and she needs it, that's for sure =D She didn't know all that ruckus was going on behind her.

A chimney I worked on this morning. It's nice being on top of everything.

Another bike ride. We had such a wonderful time. "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth!" Ps 34:1 That one came to mind there so I was speaking it =)

And who should pop in, but the Alessios. So they sent a couple on the ride.

The happy bikers in Knapp's Donuts shop. The perfect place to loiter in Rochester MI!

Here's one of my favorite verses. With an original stick figure by......ME!

Some of my brother Levi's writing. This one's titled Trees. Check it out, he's an excellent writer.

A poem by Johanna Graham (10 yrs)

Some glamour shots of my new hats...

I love Jesus... A whole, whole bunch!

Woe to the dial up users. This is a load of pictures I dug up from the past, enjoy...

"Rejoice with me...

...for I have found my sheep...

...which was lost." Lu 15:6b

Goodbye for now, love you all.

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