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Someone asked me what the Glories looked like from the Glory song. Here they are! Click them to hear their song, then role mouse on and off the picture in time with the music. It's great fun! Lyrics?

Hell fire. God's holiness demands justice. What a fitting place for all the defiant.

Levi and Steve

This is the Christian artist Don West. He is a friend and mentor of mine although this is the first time I've seen him in 5 years. He teaches Christian art classes for homeschoolers. Here he's teaching on looking up. Don't look down, don't look horizontal, always look up to God.

Here's the art he taught us to draw. I drew this one.

He then taught me some guitar technique, that's what he used to teach me 5 years ago. This time he taught me a song of his Here, There, or In the Air. See a little video of him playing it here (2.4mb MP4), or (Jumbo 25mb AVI), and lyrics with guitar tab here He's always so encouraging, everything is "praise the Lord", "sweet freedom, and "live for God not the Devil". He's the kind of guy that you can't help but smile around. Don West Website

This is a snap of the folk concert I got to attend last weekend. Click pic to hear a clip (0.8mb MP3) It was really good, better than I had expected. They were all Christian songwriters, and did a very good job of it too. I bought a CD of the two in the center Eric and Polly Rapp and sure enjoy it.

I was very very blessed that day. I got to see Don West, and go to the concert all in the same day. I thank the Lord! He is so very good to me, I am so encouraged. Ps 35:18 I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people.!!!

I got to teach Julianna and William here to draw the turtle Looking Up. We didn't have quite all the supplies, but they really liked what they made.

Here's a close up of William's so you can see what he wrote under it.

Little orphan girl Patience with a real baby turtle. Praise God, He makes beautiful things!

Here's a shot of my dad's birthday party. We surprised him with a couple of his favorite friends. (Now all you other friends don't start all crying, I'm sure you must be his EXTRA favorite friends.)

And of course he was pelted with kids in celebration :)

We played games

Everybody loves a banjo man!

Laura and I

Mary and Mary. We spent a fond evening with the Rothenhausers.

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