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I am very blessed. Blessed by the Lord, and all the wonderful people He has placed around me. It humbles me to think of how precious people have been toward me, and what forgiveness the Lord floods me with.

Here's a luminated gingerbread church I made...

See a couple video clips flying around the windows here, and here.

Inside before the roof was on. See all the people. See all the light in there, it pictures warmth, light, unity... one heart grabbing toward God.


Forget the light bulb, that's not where this light comes from, this light comes from Jesus dwelling in each one in His church.


And forget the building, organization, or service. The church is people, people believing into Jesus. See their grateful spirits worshiping the Lord.

James 2:23b Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.

OOOOH! I want to KNOW HIM MORE! May I believe God like that! That I am called a friend of God!


Yep it's wired.



Here's a baking party we helped with at the Shervishes a few weeks ago.


Those girls sure run a tight ship. Wouldn't let us get away with anything ...they wish!


Ken sportin' the famous apron


Ele and I playing There's An Eye Watchin' You.


That's a fun one.



My mom's scrumptious cinnamon roles.



At the Lord's House. Goodreaus...

Amanda made this apron and gave it to my grandma.


Tickle party, what fun! Wonderful to fellowship with those folks.



The Hey's. Click picture to hear us singing.

The Lord did a funny thing. I was wearing my Free Prayer shirt last Sunday. So those Heyworth girls asked me to pray for snow so they could play in it. At first I thought, I need a better reason. But then I thought,,, oh I should pray for it. So I prayed for God in his mercy to send some snow for them to play in. And wouldn't you know it, about a half hour later it started snowing and they had snow at their house this week. Thank you Lord for that special gift! Every good gift is from above! Js. 1:17




Joseph and I


What a guy!




The proud grandparents



Midnight Manners...



We met some mighty fine folks this evening. Here's a couple of their 4 boys, how much better can you get...



Sammy doing one of his fancy moves. Check out some of his drawings here....

This is an army man in a helmet. He's thinking about arrows going toward guys. Notice how he was sure to draw all his fingers and toes.

This is from when he was learning about anatomy. I like to call it the intestine man.



Here's Levi and Clay a couple weeks ago. Clay is so encouraging to me.


Cowboy James. We went ice skating. Here he is roundin' 'em up.


Painted this room for a charity benefit. It's for two little girls who's mother passed away in an auto accident. Lord help them.


Nice sky Father


Doingy Boy


Space man Jeriah repairing a chimney.


Aspiring superstar


Grandma at the park


Here's a quote from a book my dad read to us. It spurred me on to seek Christ more and more, in a deeper fuller livelihood.

This mystery was the prize of the first Christian generation. Christ the treasure in earthen vessels. That was the impetus and motivation for everything those believers achieved. The Holy Spirit incessantly took the fullness of the exalted Christ and poured it out into the lives of His people-an abundance of wisdom and power…
…What about the mystery of this person? What happened to the passion that compelled the apostles? What happened to the desire to be “found in Christ”? What did Paul mean when he said he labored day and night that he might present every man complete in Christ?
He writes in Galatians that he is in labor (or birth pangs) until Christ is formed in them. What does this mean?
The secret of the person of Jesus Christ has somehow escaped us. Nearly everything you hear today about Christ is logical or fully established doctrinally. Where are the men and women who, at the end of their lives, forget what lies behind them, considering it as dung because they have glimpsed something hidden in Christ which they have not yet explored?
Where are those who are prepared to give up everything to win Christ? After enjoying a lifetime of all that Christendom has to offer, still they want more and are willing to run after Christ.

-Christ as All in All by Manfred Haller

Lord take me higher! May I be that man, that runs after You, that never relents, ever demanding more and more of You!

In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.

And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.

Ps44:8 Ps101:3 Ps35:28

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