Post 130

Isn't it neat how just when you think you aren't making a difference, someone will let you know that something you did really touched them. THANK YOU LORD!!!


Some snaps of the church yesterday...

I don't think you ever get too big for a bouncy horse :-)


Lemuel and I checkin' out the mirror. It's cute, he's always calling my name "babak, babak"


The purple girls...




Conquering the world


Had some good Foosball matches.


Easy E.


It was a great surprise to have the Whitneys drop over...

Abe's favorite shirt, Sermon on the Mount with Lew Sterrett!


Laura, always a blessing.



Really good!... Here's a recording of us prayer reading Psalms 1 (1.8mb MP3) I love that prayer reading. It's really fun to put some punchy emotion in the scriptures. It helps to get some feeling in there to grasp those wonderful words.

Proverbs 10:11a The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life.

Think about that, isn't that wonderful. I sure am thankful for that promise. Hear it in The Blessing Of The LORD. (13mb MP3)


Here's a video of a little skit the kids did for the parents, I'll admit it got a little out of hand.(humongous 10mb MOV)

And here's one of Spoons(3.5mb MOV)

And here's one of a couple kids(0.25mb MOV)



Here's a few shots of the beautiful ice that came this morning...

Doesn't the mailbox look cool. I was glad send out my free CDs to a couple people.. People don't order them like they used to. I think since digital downloads are the trend, CDs are fast going extinct. It's fine with me, but I do miss sending them out as much.




Pardon the fuzz. This little boy came into Home Depot with his dad, and as he was walking in he said "I feel so good in here. It's so... peaceful in here. I feel....... strong!" Inspiring, isn't it?

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