Post 131C

This is a continuation of Post 131A, start there.


Snow monsters...

Our hero, put mouse over






One of Joseph's creations.


My God's Guild


Someone hit Starbucks


How ya' like that stone work? Notice any imbedded special words?



The North American International Auto Show....

Rode the Detroit People Mover


Mercedes ice wall advertising handling slippery conditions







Hold it!







A big celebrity, the Michilan Man


State Farm's moving driving simulator...



Mary and Temp


Bobbie and Tina


Me on a climbing wall.


Here's our group that went down there. We found this nice big couch in the almost vacant Chang Feng Motor display. I guess those Chinese cars aren't very popular here in Mo Town.



The Chinese ladies there really liked Levi, they thought he was just terrific.


Here's Larry. Those Chinese ladies are in the back, they stay just like that all the time


Want to see cars? I put them in this separate gallery.

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