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I had such a great day Sunday. I want to tell you all about it...

I was blessed by waking up with the joy of the Lord, and serving Him all day long. We had church at our house. We heard a good long testimony from Mr. Carriger. My dad gave another message on Jesus being our focus, and making our calling and election sure (2Peter 1). We are called and elected to be like Jesus (Romans 8). We read those great scriptures. Also had some good singing. Pulled out the overhead for singing, haven't done that in a while. I got to tell everyone about the beautiful sunset I watched while driving home the day before. It had reminded me of God looking down on us in love. So I told Him "When I look into your eyes, I see the light of Your smile". That's what that big orange sun made me think of, God watching us. I also told them all about my dream I had Friday morning where I had seen many of them, and felt love, joy and peace, and I knew that the Lord was there among us. All the people were nice, and encouraging one another throughout the day. Like my dream had shown (see previous post).

I went sledding with the kids, while Jeriah manned a fire with marshmallows for them. Then we went inside and made paper snow flakes. I thank the Lord for creativity. We played some foosball too.

In the evening Levi, my mom, my grandma, and I went the the Erickson's house for their skating party, while the others stayed back with the church folks. We had a blast skating, and played some rip snotin' hockey with the guys. I got to sing them many of my songs, which I always love to do. Those songs mean a lot to me, they remind me of many wonderful times with the Lord. I am working on a few new songs, and they got a preview of them. I also got to read John's book about good dreams children may have. It's titled Maybe You'll Dream by John Erickson. He wrote, and illustrated it. I really like it, especially since I have been thinking about hearing God through dreams the last few days. Ask God to give good dreams to you in the night. They don't have to be about God, or Jesus, or heaven. God is very creative with dreams. They could be, but even a simple dream like I had Friday morning brought me hope and joy from God. (see previous post)

I have so many wonderful brothers and sisters in God's big happy family. I love you all. I rejoice in what the Lord has done. He has saved so many lives, and birthed so many blessings. I will spread His glory throughout the land. Thank you Jesus!



And now for some shots from the day. I'll admit, they may not be the world's best photographs...

But close to it, very close to it...

A friendly fight, Freddie, and Jacob Colegio.



Zac and I

(I had to retype the stuff above here, I neglected to save it and lost it in a crash. Whew, thank the Lord for a sound mind, I think I remembered it all. THE DEVIL'S NOT GOING TO STEAL THIS ONE FROM ME!!! THE WORD WILL GO OUT! "Write the vision!" Mal2:2) I was saying. This is Zac and I. We're perfecting our instruments of worship.


Here's Audrey with Lemuel. As you can see, he's our favorite model.






Had to put the fathers down for their naps.





They made me those.


See, now we have proof. I am an angel.


Woops, upside down.


The purple team










At Ericksons...

Mr. Kissling






Mr. Erickson


Jon Erickson




Fearsome Seth Kissling


Erickson family.


Girls lounging about



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