Post 137


Helped our fine friends the Alessio's move...

Boxes, boxes everywhere!


The guys played Catan during a break.


Homer Ricky






Zac Carriger





It was such a blessed moving day. This is now the 5th house I'm known the Alessio's in, many good memories in them all, and on all the moves. I remember the first time, I was so blessed with their children's love and honor.



Here I got to go to my art class again with Don West. I was so blessed with the wonderful things Don West said and showed. Jesus is good! Usually I am the oldest student, this time my grandmother was. I'll have to get a pic of her piece on here soon, can't get to it now.

Here's what I drew. It's a dolphin. For a moment it can fly. It's like being close to God. For a moment I can fly! I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me! Philippines 4:13



Got out the moped.


Audrey Alessio. Click photo to hear her great rendition of "There Was An Old Lady". She was kind and let me record her.

Cow girl Elisabeth!



Nice feet?


Ele and I saw this dead and desolate forest, and did a photo shoot.





Had the Hay's over after not seeing them for almost 3 weeks. They told us all about their trip to Florida. They went to Disney World and there were Disney cartoon artists there teaching kids how to draw characters. The Heyworths did it. And one artist/teacher really liked them, he talked with them a long time, even after the park closed. He kept referring to his art as a gift. Mrs. Heyworth told him that God had given them a gift too, they can sing. So he asked them if they would sing a song. They sang a song for him (Above All) and he looked at each one individually and told them that no family has ever sung for him before. He was really touched. They talked with him about salvation, told him “confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in thy heart that God has raised him from the dead thou shall be saved” He did confess Jesus as his Lord when they asked him, but he also said he wasn't allowed to talk about religion there.

The Heyworths are so excited how God used them. Disney had their music pumping in, but the Heyworths really had something to sing about. JESUS!!!!!!!!

Doingy Boy is growing up, ahhh! (Mouse over too)


Fear not! Put mouse over for comfort.


That Lemual sure gives some wild shoulder rides.




My Grandma Evelyn Hiatt on her 82nd birthday. She was counting the candles here. 82 of them.


Wax anyone? They took a while to count.





Sarah needed a jacket and hat, here she is in mine. We all went out and played flashlight tag.





Here's some shots from this weekend. We went to see Aunt Marilyn Matthias

The beautiful sunset on Lake Huron


My Grandma and her birthday presents. Loads of Poppy Cock. She'll be smilin' for a month now :-)


Under water photos



Moss close up








The fam'



I found this post card the other day of the old Ford Model A plant from 1913. Mouse over for reverse.

Then to my surprise we worked at the shopping mall that is now in front of it a couple days later. The building is still standing.

Here's Jeriah, with the old Model A plant in the background.





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