Post 142

I will remember the works of the LORD:

surely I will remember thy wonders of old.

Psalms 77:11

Levi and the Alessio's piano recital. They all did so well, but I think Levi topped them all. (I may be biased though)



The watchers.

Those pews and brick walls hold lots of memories for me. Rochester Hills Baptist Church. I was saved there, baptized there, sang many great hymns, and heard lots of good preaching.





The finished product. You'd never know we did a major rebuilding on that chimney would you, that's the way we like it. Looks even better in real life. Thank God for a good customer finding the perfect brick.










Went to the Lapeer Civic Orchestra where many of my friends play. It was such a great concert. Such a good variety of music, and expertly played. I liked it so much I came back for a second showing. They had I'm guessing 150 in attendance each night and I knew about half of them, so I had a great time visiting too. Here Patience, Jeriah, Mary, and I went to the ice cream shop before the concert...





Nathan and Lucy Alessio. They were looking great.






My friend Tom Herron got married to Michelle. Here they are. They're a good match, and very happy. It was such a nice wedding. I enjoyed seeing many friends from the past. It was so good to see Tom's mother and father smiling, that was very nice. Too many parents are weeping over their children now days, it's nice to see some children making their parents smile.






Here's some photos of the church that meets in our house.... at least for last Sunday and the coming one. I don't know what it is, but there's a special blessing when we get to have church at our house. It's just so good and encouraging. Jesus is there, and brings so many lovely hearts and faces. The only sad part is when they leave (boo hoo!). I wish they never did.

(If you're interested I found a few Bible verses relating to houses and churches: Ro 16:5 1Co 16:19 Phm 1:2 Ac 5:42 Ac 2:46 Ac 2:46 Ac 20:20 I found them inspiring)

Allison and Lewis having fun.


Jeriah and I did a CEF class for the children in the afternoon.

Jeriah teaching a lesson on Peter's life. It went very well. PTL!




Doingy Boy, with sister Rachel.

Emma. She really likes to smile for the camera. I had to get her to tone it down a little here, so you could at least see a little of her eyes.


So I was pushing the swing... then some more jumped on... and then more and more piled on... until it was a great heap of girls flying through the air! It was quite a ride!



Zac and I found ourselves hauling a van full down to the park in the late afternoon. Most of the boys walked. We had a blast playing volleyball with a few of the locals while the little ones played on the playground.


These two were maliciously stolen from the Marshall Family's blog because I like them so much. Photographer: Evvie Marshall.


Victoria and Lucy

Look at that! They swung right over the sun.


Barefoot weather, they're loving it.

'Course I always wear bear feet. I always wear my heals too.


I would wonder too if I saw a two headed shadow peering over my shoulder.


Slouching about in the evening...




Dodge ball out in the field.


Twirly ride


When it's all said and done... Girls being girls.



On to other things...

I had to chase this guy down for this shot.


Inviting, isn't it? Me and my bro's used to always slosh around in here.




There's a hidden object in this picture. I was trying to get a good picture of it, but just barely captured it. Click on it and you win untold treasure!



Nathan LaCureaux. My brothers and I went out for dinner with him in celebration of his graduation. Had a wonderful visit, catching up with him and the family.

Here's some of the rest of the LaCureaux's...

Haven't seen them in quite a while. They've all grown. Nathan is 6ft 4in. His little sisters were funny, they just hugged and hugged and hugged us.






A few shots from today (Sat 5-5-07)...

This morning I was working up on the top of this chimney minding my own business, when I heard this little but loud voice saying "HELLO UP THERE!" I looked down and saw this little boy in his pajamas. I said "HELLO DOWN THERE!..... Who are you?" He said "I'm James". It was neat. He really liked watching the work being done.


Stopped by the Alessio's to get a little work done today. Took a walk out back. It was beautiful.

Found this guy sneaking around under a barrel.



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