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I've been playing my guitar and singing quite a bit lately. Often out in the woods behind the house, or at the city park. In the woods it's often more worshipful, and in the park more evangelistic. I've really enjoyed it. This past Saturday I was out in the woods and to my surprise this lady comes walking toward me. Her name is Mary. She said she takes fine arts photography and had spotted me from the road and wanted to take pictures. So I sang while she took pictures. I wasn't expecting it, but I think God knew about it:-) Because just a little earlier that morning I was thinking of what to do, and I thought I should practice my music out in the woods. I also felt I should put on some new guitar strings, so I replaced them really quick and got in some good practice. Then she came up, and I was able to play well with confidence because I had just practiced and had new strings. Also I happened to be wearing my green Free Prayer shirt, and brown pants, just the perfect thing for being in nature, green and brown. So, I see the Lord was in it. Praise and thank Him!


Well I went to what looks to be my last art class of the season. They have sure been a blessing, mostly by the inspiring words of the teacher Christian Artist Brother Don West. In fact that is why I am making this photo post right now. He says that you will never hear him say that he is tired, instead he says "I'm not tired, I'm inspired!" I've been praying for God to make me prolific. To give me creativity and inspiration, in art, music, writing, talking, in all things. He has been doing it. Praise to Him, He has been giving me great ideas and I have been writing them down.

Here's what I made in this lesson. It is a sword, a flaming sword. For me it pictures aggression for the Lord, Not being passive. Violently destroying the lies of Satan, and warring for what is good and right.

It's very interesting how the teacher got this subject for art. He woke up one morning with a vision of a flaming sword over him. But it was not a frightful thing as you may think, it was inspiring for him. He doesn't know exactly what it means, but the first thing he thought of was the angel with the flaming sword guarding the garden of eden after the fall. So if anyone has the meaning for him, let us know.




Got to see these baby geese the other day. Aren't they beautiful. A good picture of parenting, and family. This is God's artwork...






The Village of Rochester Hills art show. Had a great time. There were some amazing artists there. Here's my brothers and I, with my grandma and Katie there...

This one had some excellent storm clouds. Didn't think the artist would appreciate me taking a real photo of it, so just got a little.

These clay characters were hilarious. Just great expressions.


This man had taken some amazing nature photos from all over the States and different countries. All the ones displayed were from about the last 5 years.


Rochester Leader Dog


I caught her beside the ice cream shop curling out her tongue at me, so I did it back at her, and happend to snap this from the hip.




A sketch I made of my sword on the paper tablecloth at a restaurant there.

This is at Kruise and Muir where Katie's brother George works. It was nice to see him for the first time.







It seems to be that time of year for recitals. I've enjoyed them...

The teacher, Mr. Holiday


Can't forget Dairy Queen...








Church family...

Making cookies

Singing scriptures



Play ball!...

Faith tagging Nathan


ball cap



Barrel role? Drum role?


Mr. Carriger and his kite.


Learning the ropes


Got to see the Bob Allen kids. Jerrid here.

Trenton here. Their mom had given some of the boys funny haircuts.






Tree people


Ever see people stringing up power lines with a three wheeler? Sure looked like these guys were.


Rob and Ann Burns. They performed some great historical music at the Rochester Heritage Festival.


Levi the mountain man. We climbed this.


Charity made me this fine cake for my birthday. Thanks Charity. It looked very good, and tasted very well too.

Yes folks, I had a birthday. I am now the ripe old age of 27.



Bear and Bear


I was out playing for the Lord in the woods and I heard this "chomp chomp chomp" behind me. I caught this little guy eating his lunch. Just one of the numberless little blessings God floods us with daily. Let's take the time to recognize them, and thank the One who loves us so much.


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