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A bunch of us in the church went to this camping park for day. Had a good time fellowshiping with each other. Got to play a great game of volleyball with the others there, it was a packed place. Also got to swim and float around in the lake. Then we gave out a bunch of literature and CDs telling the goodness of Jesus and how to be saved. That was really fun. It's so fun to spread the good news of freedom by Jesus. Believe Him, He's a life saver!

At the park...



Off to the swimming hole.




Lemual kept bringing me my backpack. He really knows who's stuff is who's, and won't let you get away from it.




Jeriah working on all our little engines.

So is the man who works the machines, or the machines who work the man?



Took a Slurpee trip down to the corner 7-11





Church day...
















Playing Jail Break. Here's the jail. Nice place to be. Good people there, very good people.


Charming young lady Charity. (mouse over: Alarming young lady Charity)


I love this one. Me and the little ones.


Mouse over for action shot. My Mexican hammock sure got a work out that day.




Jeriah and Juliana having fun











A little girl at a house we were working at. She really liked watching us, and checking out our tools. She was so cute. She spoke romanian and she kept saying a word that we didn't know, so we asked her mother what it was, it meant gentlemen.


Ele on the accordion. One of our customers had this and Ele really played a wowzer on it.




Tennis, we've been playing quite a bit lately...

My dad






The plane flew over, thought that was pretty neat.


The star


Did a job for Mark and Kiersty Hansel. It was great to see them and their kids, they have 5 now (one unborn) I haven't seen them in quite a while and it's amazing how they've multiplied. Very good kids. Here they are...



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