Post 147

Sunday, It was such a great day. I couldn't pass it up, this post is all about it. You can thank the little ones for taking many of the pictures.

I began the morning out in the woods, talking to God and reading the Word. Psalm 148, such a wonderful Psalm. I speaks of all things, and all people young and old praising the Lord. "... a people near unto him. Praise ye the Lord" That's the way to be, may I ever be near the Lord. Oh! it's a joy!

Church met at the Alessio home that day, and guess where I found myself pretty much first thing? On the hammock, I had hoped I would be able to swing on the hammock earlier that morning and sure enough I did. God blessed. It's a mighty fine spot to greet everyone.


Here's Sammy Bambrick and I. That morning I had asked the Lord that we could see some new people, and God saw to it that we did. The Bambricks were very nice to see again. I asked Sammy here if he remembered me, and you know what he said... "Yes, I remember you praying over me." I had almost forgotten that, but he didn't. Last time I had seen him was several months ago at an orchestra (LCO), and I had prayed over him there.


Luke Bambrick


The Alessio's neighbors stopped by for a visit, another blessing from God. They were really neat to get to know. Here's some of their kids. ...and the father.....


Dress up

Nathan Alessio's pond was looking very nice.


And now for the great summer evening water fight. It was boys versus girls. The girls agree they won, the boys disagree.



I was thoroughly doused.


Laura, sportin' her new spec's




Run for your lives!


Quite the show.


Lemual, always watching.



Zac really got into it.





We close out the evening with the fella's reading the newspaper. They've grown up to be so much the gentlemen...






I got to sing and play songs on both guitar and piano quite a bit that day, and really enjoyed it. I especially liked playing my new song I Want To Be Like Jesus to Evan Bambrick and Ricky Alessio. It's just so good. That is my prayer... I want to be like Jesus, He is the one to free us, I want to be like Him. So simple, but so enormous. I would like to get some recording in so the rest of you out there can hear. Pray for quiet time for me, that it will come, and for my computer, that it will listen to me. Glory to God, and all thanks to Him, I now have 3 songs ready to record.

I really want to follow God, to have his Spirit flow through me into all holiness, and godliness. LORD GOD BLESS ME WITH YOU!

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