Post 148

Dropped by Kola Dushaj's. Such an encouraging brother, with an encouraging family...


Maranatha and I. She's a sweet one.


Child Evangelism training. My brother Jeriah and I are involved in Child Evangelism Fellowship. It's all about tell the gospel. We're supposed to be helping in a camp with them, and also at the county fair. It sounds like it will be really fun. Because I know it's the most fun of anything to display Jesus. We practiced wordless book (gospel of Jesus).


We learned painting. Guess who painted the bear. I was so happy to see this girl and her family there, I know them from art class.

We also learned how to make animal balloons. When I was about 5 I would have thought I was in paradise.

Here's a few I've made...

This is a balloon representation of my brothers and I. Jeriah the Giraffe, Barak the Bear, Eleazar the Elephant, and Levi the Leviathan! Don't they look like us?

Here's my favorite so far.


Rachel Boyd. She's been nannying this boy Jeff close by, and get's a little stir crazy every now and then. So they come over to tromps around the woods and stream at our place. Here they have a snail...



The Erickson's...


Here's Calvan floating his the pool around the pool. He always makes me laugh.





Gloria and friend.


They just got the pool completed and filled the day before, that was cold. I hear the deck is now done. They are real workers. I don't get to see them very often, and it's always so nice when I do. They are a close family, God is using them as they keep open to Him.



Took a little visit by the Heyworths a couple weeks ago...



Wrestling match. My Dad too..



Bon fires, such fun. I love how they bring people together.



Life through the eye's of little Lemuel...

...he got my camera.


Leah doing a little puppet show for the church kids. Had a great message... like people.


Lounging about on Sunday evenings, So peaceful to be with the saints.



Charity, Faith, and Rachel, all dear sisters in Christ. They're in Hawaii for a couple weeks...


They got to go with their fathers (Mr. Heyworth, and Mr. Alessio) on a little ministry trip to help Tim and Joni Thomas in a VBS. They are so happy to be doing it. They are sending back reports all the time, and have had some very good news, a man and 3 children got saved one day. Mr Alessio was teaching a lesson, and all 4 of them wanted to get saved at the end. So they were individually walked through to salvation. Isn't that exciting! That makes it all worth it, They're really enjoying it. Jesus makes all the difference in the world.

Now shout out a big HALLELUJAH!




Levi and I working. I love working with all my brothers.


Brazing an AC.


Levi's bomb. I WORKS good. More of this in a soon to come post.


Hope the gas station didn't mind me doing a little graffiti. But I like it, I really do. Always go to God first thing!


Came across a whopping turtle. The good Lord sure makes some humorous things.




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