Post 149 A

This post is on the week spent with my cousin Derek Bendixen. I took a million pictures. View the other half on Post 149 B



Mostly you'll see Derek with me and my brothers. A few friends thrown in there too.

Over the week we had many good times together. Camping in the backyard. tramping around the woods, bike riding, Touring the Rouge Ford plant, picnicking, swimming, riding the moped, visiting friends, playing music, morning Bible talks.



Levi and Derek lawn sledding.




Ele, Levi and Derek put together this long board thing, had lots of fun with that.

Derek on the moped, that was his favorite.




Bike ride


Dairy Queen


Jeriah replacing the mortar in a fireplace.


Nice wires huh!


Found this bee, he liked the honey.


Took an adventure through a tunnel.



Rachel and Randy (engaged)

They dropped by one night and Randy got to tell us all about how GOD brought them together. It was a great testimony of God's plan. I was was very happy that my family and Derek got to hear their story.


Tennis games.



Made some great explorations of our favorite play places when we were younger.








Here we are waiting on one of Levi's amazing Works bombs. Always good to involve some explosives when you get a bunch of boys together. Click to see Levi demonstrate it, takes 2 minutes. (Warning! Don't do this)




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