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I got to help teach the kids at the Oakland Chinese Church 2007 Retreat. There were lot's of sweet families, and sweet kids.

Here's Gerri Coleman, We had a blast with all those little chinese kids. She and I had one class, while my brother Jeriah, and Joanne Allebach had another class..


It was my biggest blessing of the retreat to talk and pray with 6 year old Jonathan here. He gained assurance of his salvation. He didn't know if he was saved when I asked him at first, He said he had done it many times but still didn't understand. Then he said let's do it now. Can you show me in the Bible. So I asked him if he knew he was a sinner, and he confessed his sin. Then I had him read Acts 16:31 out loud and explain it. "...Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." I simply asked "What happens if you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?, and How are you saved?" It seamed like a light went on inside his head and he could see how it's very clear, "...Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." Then he prayed with me confessing that he was a sinner, and of his belief in Jesus as his savior, and thanking Jesus for saving him.

I seemed to notice some fruit in him. He came up to me that evening and said that he was treating his parents much better since that. I also noticed that he seemed to have a new ability to go against peer pressure and stand alone for what's right. He also would look at me and smile, sometimes with a nod or thumbs up whenever we would talk about the need of salvation during classes, showing me that he now KNEW he was saved. I got to talk with his parents and him about this quite a bit on the last night of the retreat. We were all thanking the Lord I am very happy for him. God bless him. I often saw him folding his hands and praying while the other kids were doing other things.



Jeriah teaching in his class.



This is Cindy and her parents. She was so sweet, always going around with her dad. I made here a couple animals here, PTL!


The perfect day, all sevens.

The had great food there, Limitless ice cream all lunches and dinners! That will keep them coming. It was at Saginaw Valley State University


My class


We made several crafts, here's our hats.


They were fun

A very nice family there. The little girl was one of my students. The boy was funny, probably only 2, he liked to reach out to shake my hand.


We went out and sang happy birthday to Mrs. Coleman's mother on the phone, both english and Chinese.


My second largest blessing of the trip was Saturday morning. There was a while where I had to handle the class by myself. And the Lord kept giving me ideas of what to say and do on the spot. I told them about how everything they do, they should do it for God, and they should do it the best they can. The Lord just kept right on giving me things when the children needed it.


May God grow all those children into strong followers of Him, who do mighty things in His kingdom!









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