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Here's a few pictures I've been given recently...

"Beware of the Bear!" This is really neat. Try to read it all. It's of my brothers and I, and titled the Bendixen Boys.  Some of the younger church girls made it, but they wanted it to be a secret as to which ones. So, there's pictures of a bunch of them on the right. Us Bendixen boys are on the left, then some of the other boys on the lower right. 

Jet Graham gave me this.

Light victorious over darkness, by Lucy.

My brother Jeriah and I. We went on a big bike ride.

Mostly pictures of my lovely church...


Choose your favorite...

They played with this snake all day.

Lemual would holler in the fan then laugh, it would blow his hair.

Juliana's grandpa had her close her eyes, then he slipped a toad in her hands...

She likes that kind of thing. Notice she just happened to be holding a grasshopper already (top).



So we've been picking fruit recently...


Don't know who they are, but they made a good picture.

At the grape vineyard. Yum yum. Pick them now, they only last about a month.

I went to Bill Gothard's seminars. Mr. Schervish was hosting his Basic (above).

This is one of Mr. Gothard's chalk drawings. I Really liked this part about victory over sin from Romans 6 and 8. It's all about identifying with Christ. And I also appreciated his expounding on the people's primary spiritual gifts from Romans 12, it really helps you understand how different people think.

In case you missed it... I have a couple new songs loaded. See the Recent Updates Page

Lord bless you dear ones, Believe in Jesus!

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