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Alright folks, no just looking at pictures and skipping my new songs and insights. Remember, I'm watching. Always watching :-) Read about them here I Want to Be Like Jesus, and The Darkness is Done, then email me as to what God blesses you with through them. They really speak some strong truths to me, I am very thankful for the Lord placing these new songs in my heart.


Hello there!

The great Grahams, Jet, Jillian, and John-John

Joseph, and an original piece of artistry. It's a transformer, it comes apart into 5 individual transformers, each transforming between a machine, and a humanoid.

Me big brutha

Good ole' Paul Robinson

Went to work for a very interesting, and neat family. All these boys really liked learning about the AC I was fixing. And they all had the most amazing English accents...

...just out mowing the street.

Hey buddy

These fawns have been camping out in our back yard, see them pretty much every morning.

Went to Algonac MI for labor day, here's the Auto ferry shipping in Canadians...

Me and my extended family... Church life. Sure there's a lot more depth than just football and softball to these wonderful people, but this makes for great photos.  To chronicle the works of God.... I had been praying about the day, and thought I should visit the neighbors around there. Then they showed up, and I got to see talk to them. So I saw Lucas Conley and the Allens, both old time friends. Thank the Lord....

This day  my father brought to our church the story of the Gibeonites from Joshua chapter 9. He brought it to our family earlier this week, and it really brings out some a great truth. 

See the Israelites had just experienced 2 big victories over Jericho and Ai. The Gibeonites heard of these and got scared, so they thought they would try to trick the Israelites into thinking they were from a far country. Then they would trick the Israelites into making a league with them, that they would do them no harm. The key mistake of Israel was they "asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD." So they pledged to this league with the Gibeonites. And thus they followed not the LORD's command "God commanded his servant Moses to give you all the land, and to destroy all the inhabitants of the land from before you,"(verse 24)

So the application for us is... The Israelites time in the wilderness is a picture of living in the flesh. When they entered the promised land, that is a picture of us entering into a victorious Christian life. So these Gibeonites were like a piece of the flesh the Israelites made a pact with, and said "You can stay, we won't hurt you, in fact you can help us serve the Lord here." We are to make no provision for the flesh. And to do that we must put on the Lord Jesus Christ. We must ask counsel at the hand of the Lord. And praise the Lord, it is never to late to do that. 

Romans 13:14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.
Praise be to God! We can have that victory! What a joy!






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