Post 157

Wild tractor rides with Charity.

Yep, that Joseph really knows how to impress people. A meatball in each cheek does the trick.

Toby and the girls. Jillianne, and Juliette Graham. Sweet picture isn't it?

My dad and I repairing this AC at the Avon Players Theater.

Can anyone tell me what's a matter with this condensate collection base?

Granny and Ele.

Spotted this hillicoptor surrounded by birds...

Then a plane flew over.

Gotta wonder about who they let drive these days.

(To let you know, I mirrored it. This fluff ball was being driven. Not driving.)

My brothers and I restored this chimney, it was deteriorating...

My mom swinging around.

Got to visit the Johnsons...

Mary Ellen

Chop chop Christian

Course they've got a new puppy.

Look'it that grin

So I pop my head out their door. And Roger Walker rumbles in with a pile of kids. I love that guy.

Whew, that'll make you appreciate your own nose.

Ball with the church...

No, it wasn't the best lighting for pictures, but hey, it's the heart that counts.  I really enjoyed that day with the church at our home. I think my favorite part was the singing around the camp fire after dark. It was so fun, such good singing to the Lord, and lots of love. The songs just kept coming, one after another.  See my brother's journal for a few pictures of it.

I got to teach at a Chinese church conference with Child Evangelism Fellowship this weekend...

I was working with the little ones. To give you an idea of the size, there were about 25 on Friday night, 5 Saturday morning, and 10 Saturday afternoon and evening in the class I was a part of. My biggest blessing was teaching these five little Chinese boys Saturday morning. It was unexpected, the other teacher couldn't make it, so I taught them some things the Lord had been giving me recently. It was really good, especially how it was on the spot, but yet I was prepared. It was all the Lord doing it.

I first drew out a remote controlled car for them, and explained how I used to have one that I really really liked. I would want to play with it and work on it day and night, summer and winter, all the time. I taught them about how God must be number 1 in our life. What we think about the most, talk about the most, and see as the most fun. If any other thing takes that place, it has become a god to us. Like the 1st commandment "Thou Shalt have no other gods before me". I liked it too much, so I had to put it away and then sold it. If there's anything you focus on more than God, kick it out!

Also I taught them about how I saw a little boy looking for something on the ground. I asked him what he was looking for and his said an ant, then he found one. I asked him if he knew the Bible verse about ants. He said "yes", then he told me what he remembered "Look at the ant you lazy bones!". I thought that was pretty funny. The verse says "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise." A sluggard is a lazy bones. A sluggard is like a slug, he just slimes along. But an ant is a hard worker, he stores up all his food for the winter, he digs holes and tunnels in the ground for his family. So what this can teach us is, we can learn from anything we see, if we are willing to learn from it. We can consider it, think about it, and be wise.

I really thank God for giving me those things to share, and reminding me of them earlier that morning. I think these boys connected with those little impromptu lessons more than anything this weekend. I was able incorporate the visual, and active learners well by acting it out, and using pictures and objects.


Church was met at the Carrigers today. Their field was teaming with wild flowers.

One for the screen lovers.


Easy does it for Joseph.

Sing time.

Grasshopper hunting.

Found a caterpillar.

This evening...

Me in the cross walk button, I just thought it looked interesting.

Jeriah and I went down to the park and played and sang for an hour and a half. Had some interesting experiences. God is good. Very very good.

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