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Roger and Tina Walker had a new baby boy. Nehemiah the name. He's so cute. I got to hold him at 4 days old. The family was so excited, thanking the Lord. As Roger says all the time, and I wholeheartedly agree "GOD IS GOOD!"...

Here he is with me

Here he is with Levi

Here he is singing... "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!"

Our church...

The artist and his work -Levi Bendixen

Our church had Asian food day. We're doing our best to look Asian.

So I was listening to Levi play his accordion, and thought "this would make a good picture", so here they are...

He is getting really good on that thing. Come on over and ask him to play for you.

Campfires, they bring people together.

Just though I would put this out there for anyone who would remember Paivi (top right). Here she is with her family. Before she was married, my mother and her would visit often. She looks just the same as I remember, except now for her husband and four little ones, God is Good!

Hah! Caught him! I pulled off a brick and saw that some brick layer had been smoking on the job, and tryed to hide it. Be sure your sins will find you out.

Someone stuffed a radio 15 ft down this chimney, that was a bear getting out.

I found this very nice fellow at Walgreens... guess who?

The Sauve family had us for dinner, hope they enjoyed :-D ...

...did some archery with them too...

Up a tree stand

...and some singing. That was my favorite. We has such a good time with each other singing praises to the Lord, and playing music. It was really fun.  They had this other family over, their neighbors the Brysons, a really neat family. I want to do it again!

The Marshal girls playing music. This was at their grandmother's memorial service. I got to talk to them and other family members about what she was like, what their best memories of her are. First of all she was a believer (Jn 20:31). Several of them mentioned her smile, she always had it. Also the way she liked to show hospitality. She was a great mother too, and loved having granddaughters. It was a very nice memorial.

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