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This past Sunday we went out as a church and told people about Jesus. It was great. It was the most exciting thing we've done in a long time. Some of us went to the park. Some to the nursing home. Some gave out tracts. Some talked to people. I was at the park, where I played guitar, sang gospel songs, gave out some CDs, and talked to people. There was one little boy Andrew who listened alot with his mother. Mr. Carriger and I talked with them about Jesus and sang some songs. He played my guitar too. Also some grandparents with their grandchildren came along. I gave them a CD, and started talking with them and telling them the Wordless Book story (see it here). I told them about the Gold page, the Dark page, and was about to start the Red page, but then they had to go. Later we were up beside the playground, and I was sitting on a bench playing. One of the granddaughters listened to me singing with Mr. Carriger for a long time. After a while I got up and walked around a little. I saw that granddaughter with her granfather and mentioned to him that she had been listening very intently. Then she said "So what happens on the Red page?". I was pleasantly excited (what an opportunity!) and said "Oh, you want to hear about that?!" So I got my Bible and Wordless Book, and showed them the whole thing. It was great, she read the verses outloud (1 John 1), the grandfather and his three granddaughters all heard the whole message, interacted with it, and enjoyed it. She even asked about the Green cover and I got to pick up some leaves and tell her the difference between green and brown leaves. and got to share the whole thing with her and and her grandfather and others. What a blessing!    

The grandfather and three grandaughters at the park

We all really enjoyed that day. Lots of encouraging stories from the witnessing time. I heard quite a few from young and old alike. It's such fun to go out into the world with other Christians and spread the good news of Jesus. My mom thought it should have been called Thanksgiving day. I know quite a few of you in my church missed it, so sorry about that. But we must do it again, soon and often.

More from that day...

Campfire that night. Shot some photos...

...and the day came to a close.

Buurma's get together last Sat...

We went over to Brian Buurma's and had a cider and donut day. Got to see the Cooper families, and others too. Check out Brian's cider press. He made it with his brother; And that fresh cider must have been the best I've ever had.  It was so delicious. See the machine in operation here. First it chips the apples, then it squashes them, then you have cider. (large 10mb, 20mb, and 11mb movies)

the feeding...

We played this great game called Tag. But this wasn't your regular tag. In this one everyone was it, and to tag everyone else. If you tag someone they have to sit down, but if you get tagged they can get back up and play. If you tag everyone down you win. If two people tag each other at the same time, they play Rock Paper Scissors and the looser sits down...  

Even my Dad got into it. I can't ever remember him playing tag. It was great.

A little face Levi modeled, doesn't he have a great look!

A speedy little ride

Here's Zach Carriger. He got to work with us a few days. Here he is at the Jack Walker's. Helped us install a couple furnaces there. That was a job!  They turned out great though.

Nice ductwork huh?


God bless you one and all. He is very very good.

Spend some time and get to know Him.  Praise the King!



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