Post 160

 The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. -Psalm 24:1

We met some new friends. I really like them. They are the Jeff and Cathy Johnson family. We went on a hay ride with them and another family...

Here's Chris Johnson. Pardon the blur, he's not that fuzzy in real life I like the picture anyway. He's a very kind and friendly person.

Jeff and Cathy Johnson

My dad Gary Bendixen

Blob tag

My how John-John has grown

Great one isn't it?

Did some late night bowling...

Bendixens, Johnsons, Whitneys, Bancrofts, Clarks... it was a great crew. Wonderful to see all these friends. My biggest blessing was the little meeting we had in the parking lot. That really set it off to a good start.

Jeriah and Andrew Bancroft


I helped with a little class for the Chinese kids. I had taught many of them at the family retreat this summer. My prayers are that they will be a light in their homes, a living picture of Jesus. May the good Lord bless them with lives sold out for Him...

Top right is Jonathan, I admire the way he prays a lot.


Aren't they all so sweet. Top right is Jeanette. I had a good talk with her mother and her. They have my CD and like it... Imagine that! ;-D The father likes it too. Please pray God's blessing for the family, that they will all believe soon.

I love to go out in the woods and pray, sing, play, guitar, and read the Word.  I got to do it a little this day. I would like to do it more. May I and all of us be broken and humble, fully open to our wonderful Lord Jesus.

Stickin' it out

The beauty of the Lord. Now that's some beauty isn't it, even in such a small thing.

 Time to close.



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