Post 161A

My wonderful church...

Don't you love to see a crowded swing. Praise the Lord! What a blessing.

Here's Allison Marshal with the kids. They wanted me to push them. I gave them a twirly ride. How do you like that motion blur?

whoa WHOA whoa WHOA whoa...

Alex Johnson, he really got wound up on this one.

On a chicken run. Off to get some of the great Chicken Shack chicken. She held that handle the whole way. Makes me wonder about my driving. Or maybe it's my driving while filming.

Blob tag, the "it" just keeps growing. Great game.

So Emma comes up to me and says "Hey Bear!...... I have your favorite book!", and shows me this Sammy the Seal. Now I never knew that, I guess you learn something new every day. So I asked her if she wanted me to read it to her...

Levi's day...

Levi had a birthday bike ride

Check out a neat hill we found, me going down.

Lots of leaves, they were beautiful, and fun to ride through.

The great switch back trails. Click to see video.

The fathers. These truly are great men.

The mothers. There couldn't be any better.

The boys. God bless you all.

Paul the brilliant :)

Tori, what a smile

Joseph, see him climb

Rachel (L)

Ominous roots






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