Post 162

Here’s some photos of  our trip to California. We were there over Thanksgiving week. One of my favorite happenings while I was out there was being able to talk with my grandpa Ben. He is a great storyteller. He tells all these really neat things that have happened throughout his life. Hear how the neighbor boy cut his banana tree here.
Another highlight was that my relatives asked if I could sing some songs for them and I was able to sing and play guitar for them a few times. I really enjoyed it. The Lord really helped me. I had some nasty throat trouble the last day but I was able to sing right through it and had a blast doing it. (Didn’t let that devil get me down, I’m on the Lord’s side!!!) Hear me singing at the piano here.

We all went out to the ocean and wandered around Half Moon Bay one day, such a beautiful coastline.

You'll see shots of us having Thanksgiving dinner in my uncle Mark's backyard, it is a beautiful garden.  I love all those people dearly. My uncle Mark, aunt Laura, cousins Danielle and Derek, and grandpa Bendixen are all there, along with some other close friends of theirs.Any garden shots are of that place too.

Went to visit my Grandmother Evelyn Hiatt's sister in law Audrey Francis.

I'll leave you to figure out what pictures are from where, don't have time now to label them individually. But be assured, God is Good and He will always be. Live for Him, and serve Him with all you have... and... pray for me. Thanks, over and out.




See my grandpa Ben and me stewing in his spa here. He's got a sound system in there. Warning!, my grandpa shows off what he calls his Halloween mask, he's having some dental work done and is missing  a few teeth at the present.

Check out some videos my Derek and I made here. They are designed to be watched in reverse, so if you can figure out how to play them backwards enjoy. Take 1 Take 2 Take 3

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