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Ever wanted to search Well now you can. Check out that site SEARCH option in the header above. It's really fun. Maybe try a search for church, or "beautiful day", or victory, or how about your name. Guess what my dad wanted to search for right off?... hair. ...I would have never thought of that.

No, you may not be very impressed, but I sure am. It was a tough job getting that little search button. Let me know if it gives you any trouble.

Allison put up something of mine. See her The Fringe in Focus photography site, lots of good stuff there.

Here are some photos for you, I hope you find them a blessing...

The 2008 North American International Auto Show. My brothers and I went down with our friends the Carrigers. Here's Zach Carriger and I. Nice car huh? I like the color.

The was my favorite one there. It's by the Chinese company Tang Hua. It just looks so funny. Like something from Richard Scarry.

This one's called the Detroit Fish and it can go in water, it has a little prop on the back. I asked the Chinese lady representing it "Where's the engine?", she said something like "Engine? Engine? I don't know what's engine." So I said "The motor", and she said "Motor? It has no motor. It's electric." It was great.

Click pic to view a pan of part of the set up.

The new Hummer HX concept.


American? (mouse over to zoom)

See these little lights? They make up a movie screen that forms that whole picture behind the following car...

A few buildings in Detroit...

The Give Thanks Bakery. We gave a bid on replacing their rooftop furnace/AC.

You can see their unit on the roof, it's above the green awning on the right. Only problem is those power lines, it'll have to go over those. Anyone got a tall crane? What fun!!!

Speaking of Give Thanks, check out Theresa Dalton's new CD with Ann Strubler.

Johnson's game night. Lot's of terrific people. God is good...

The boys at war

The Fire and Ice Festival, Rochester MI...

Barber Shop Quartet, hear the whole crew.

Jeriah with Abe

Goodbye now!

God be with you in a full way.

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