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Went Skiing...

So I was sitting at the top of the hill, minding my own business, strapping on my snow board. When this fine young boy came up, introduced himself, and asked me my name. I told him, "I'm Bear". "Bear?" he said, "Is that really your name?" I said "That's my nick name, my full name is Barak. To which he said "Oh. I like Bear better".  Hmmm... I thought maybe the Lord had something in this rather unique meeting. So I pulled out one of my Brother Bear CDs (with songs, and a little gospel message) and gave it to him, telling him it's music I make. He was so excited to get it. He called out to all his friends "Hey, he makes music, and gave me a CD!" He was easily impressed. So that's where I left him, happy and dumb, frantically searching for a pocket empty enough to stuff the CD in.

...God bless the friendly boy at Pine Knob. May he find the joy of a life surrended to You Lord. AMEN!

Mouse Over photo. Jacob Daniels and us.

Nate, he just loves that domino effect.

Lucy Alessio

Brought along a guitar. Joe Alessio making it sing.

Mr Alessio being a great storyteller.

Here's Yellow Ello, yeah it was a cold one.

Lemuel Heyworth...

Doesn't he just melt you.

His new hat, his sister Leah Heyworth knitted it for him.

Here he is having a grand time.


Sitting around with the church.

Took a visit to Belle Isle...

The Botanical garden, a breath of summer.

He's flying right at you.

Bananas anyone?


Wouldn't you just love to cuddle up with that.

fiddle stick

Someone rubbed this in the window. So does this count as graffiti? No, 'course not.

Went by the Bambrick's (wonderful family) and repaired their fireplace. Here's Sammy and Luke Bambrick.

Chad Bambrick. Careful that's hot!

They had this to greet us in the front yard. Yep a family of 4 boys for sure, nothing but the best!

Out on a late night furnace repair. It was beautiful, and always great to be a super hero :-D

I have been surrounded with blessings lately, like usual. The Lord is very good to me, especially when I take the time to notice it...

There was a job we did for an elderly lady, and I had to go back a couple times to fix up some little things. At least to me they were little, to her they were big. But it was a big thing to me that I had to go back, I didn't like it. When I came in the last time, she said that she had baked me some cookies (good sign), so when I finished up my work we sat down and had them. She and I really had a good time together. I gave here one of my CDs and she wanted me to put it on, so we sat there listening to it and talking. I got to talk about our family, our little home church, about Jesus' death for the forgiveness of our sin, about how I found freedom in Jesus when I was 14. We just talked, and talked, and talked. It turned out to be a real blessing. I thought it would be bad, God made it good. The Lord was in it for sure (my dad was praying). As I was getting up to leave the gospel message came on the CD, and I said "Oh, this is a spoken one!", and she said "I will have to listen very closely.". And that she did, she didn't even get up to say goodbye, just sat there listening closely. God bless her.

I've been working on the new recording studio, and I opened up a heating duct. I shined my light way down it and noticed that someone had left their flashlight about 20 ft. back in there. I thought "that was stupid, they must have forgotten that back when they cleaned the ducts 10 years ago." So I closed it up, and went about other things. After a couple days I had to open up the same spot again, and while I was trying get it open I noticed that a panel wouldn't move. I pushed and shoved and couldn't get it. Then I reached back in there and felt around, and what did I find!? Ah! I had left my flashlight in there a couple days before. That was stupid, now I burnt out 6 fresh batteries. I had to laugh. It taught me that I'm not always as smart as I think I am. Another thing I can learn from it is; Don't criticize others for stupid mistakes, I make them too. Thank you Lord, a good living lesson.

Ps 113:2 Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time forth and for evermore.

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