Post 172

Evan Bambrick and Levi

Snow fun

Levi's creation

Fish trying to keep warm. Click picture to see a video of how they swim on our wall.

Skating with Johnson's and Whitneys, had a blast...


Melody and Chelsea

Spare chin anyone?

Grandma bowling

Saw the Robinsons...

Here is Rachel at the computer. Click photo to see a video of how she uses it. She's amazing.

Mrs. Smith, my Sunday School teacher when I was 5 has hit the big nine zero. We celebrated.


Grahams had us over for a visit...

Here we are rustling around out in the snow. We had a great round of Fox and Geese.

Just Moses is still alive and kickin', imagine that. I made him last summer.

I played Tank with Joseph, he really got into it.

me too

Johanna's become quite the  writer lately.

Spanish lessons with Miss. Warren

God be with you all

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