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Amanda Lee and Me!

I have the most wonderful news for you all. I have a very special girl in my life now, Amanda Lee Biddinger. She and I are courting. She is so precious to me. I am so excited. I just can't stop smiling. She is such a sweet girl, and really loves the Lord. She's so kind. I really care for her, and I love her a whole lot.

I think about her, and thank the Lord for her all the time. I feel so blessed. It is like God is very close to me, and His face is smiling down on me. I have been praising and thanking Him so much, all the time. He has just poured out His blessing on me in such a big way. I don't deserve any of it. I feel so loved. THANK YOU JESUS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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This is on the day it all started. Amanda Lee and Me!

I took her brothers, sisters, and her down to the park that day...

Click to see the wild goose chase...

Went out to a nice dinner...

Elisabeth Johnson (friend), Amanda Lee, Me, Andrew (Amanda Lee's brother)

We toured downtown Jackson MI, mostly looked at lots of really cool church buildings...

A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl. Andrew was our photographer, he was so proud of himself for catching this.

We played stick races. Amanda Lee, Andrew and I each put a stick in the river, then saw which reached the finish first. Andrew's won, Amanda Lee's and mine ended up like this. It was one of the "awwww' moments.

The Library where Amanda Lee works.

We sat in this little park and I played a few songs for them.

Hear I Am a Dreamer here...

Hear The Darkness Is Done here...

Grace (Amanda Lee's sister)

Mother and daughter.

Mr, and Mrs. Biddinger along with Amanda Lee and I went out for a nice dinner. This is where they gave us the okay to start the courtship. We were so excited. We went to their home and told the family about it, then they were all excited.

Now if you missed most everything else you, need to please get this one. This is a great little video of a special song for Amanda Lee. We sang it together....

Lavender's Blue

She's very pretty, isn't she? Don't you just love her beautiful blue eyes? The best part about them is; When they look at me they just sparkle. God is so good to me!

Amanda Lee, me, and the brothers (Andrew and J.J.) took a late at night trip down to the coffee shop. We had such a wonderful time talking and laughing, everyone was so excited.

They were snapping pictures of us like crazy...

We had to tease those boys. We worked very hard at keeping straight faces here. Actually we are smiling very big on the inside.

We just love having our picture taken together.

I am blown away with God's blessing here. I'm feeling very loved. Thank you Lord!

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