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I was very blessed to have a spot in the 2008 Rochester Heritage Festival. I sang and gave out free gospel CDs, and really really enjoyed it. It's been a dream of mine for a couple years to get into this event, and thank God it happened. I got to tell many of Jesus, and what he has done in my life. On Sunday afternoon the church came out and they all joined in giving out the wonderful news of salvation. Oh it was terrific, they were all such lights of Jesus. It was a beautiful sight. Thank you Jesus! God is so good to me.

My grandma was just beaming.

And of course, Amanda Lee was beaming too.

Dave and Migoomi. They watched the booth for a while.

Glory to Jesus!!!

Here's a little clip of the festival.

The charming Amanda Lee (roll over)

Lavender's Blue. I think it's become our theme song.

She sent me over the girl's version here. Very sweet, isn't it?

Caricature of Amanda Lee and Me...

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