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Amanda Lee and Me are getting married!

Amanda Lee Biddinger and myself Barak Valour Bendixen are engaged to be married! This is how it happened; It was Friday June 27 2008, a beautiful and glorious day. God was in it all the way. First thing in the morning I got a call that her ring was finished, so I went right off and picked it up. Then I headed down to her town where we went out for a picnic. We found the perfect spot with nice shade and nature all around. The Lord provided the perfect day. We ate, then talked a while, and prayed a while. Then I sang her a song which I had written the words for. It closes with "Will you marry me?". She said "yes"!

Thank You Jesus! It's such a blessing, and so exciting. The wedding is planned for August 8th. That's 8-8-8, a Friday evening. We'll be living in my hometown of Rochester MI.

See a video of it here, as we acted it out again for our church family.

Here's my drawing of how I designed the ring. Everything has a symbolism. All the materials in the ring are a heirloom from my grandparents. It was my grandmother Stella Elisabeth Bendixen's when she was alive. My grandfather George Bendixen bought it for her in Panama where they were engaged. I have the original receipt from 1949, pretty cool huh? However I had it totally remade for Amanda Lee, by my favorite jeweler David Bullinger.

The two little diamonds symbolize Amanda Lee and me before marriage. The big Diamond shows us after we're married, it's so much greater and brighter! The crosses on either side show that Jesus is everything we live for. The light beams shining out of the crosses symbolize the wonderful light Jesus brings to us. The vines with hearts for leaves symbolize love, growing love. May the love God has given us never stop growing. The words engraved "Thank You Jesus" are because Jesus has brought us together and blessed us beyond all that we can ask or think, and I am so thankful for it. The explanation point is there because... It's so exciting!!!!! There is "XOXO" repeated around each side, I think you know what that's for. However, that kissing part is waiting for the wedding day :-)

...speaking of  the wedding day...


The whole church is so excited, I'm sure thankful for them...

Glory to God! Hallelujah! What a blessing!

Thank You Jesus!

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