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I got to work with Child Evangelism Fellowship a few months back. I helped with this great group of 12 year old boys. They came for salvation after a Bible message. I didn't know if they were all sincere, so I wanted to make very sure they saw their need for forgiveness of their sin. I used the Wordless Book, and when we got to the dark (sin) page I had them confess their sins out loud to the Lord. I was listing different categories of sin and they confessed it. After a while, I no longer had to prompt them.  They just kept confessing and confessing for a long time. They got very serious and wanted to get it all out. I could tell that, whether or not they were at first, they each became sincere when they saw their sin. These 6 boys got born again that night! About five days afterwards I asked each of them what had happened that night. They all used different words, but each explained clearly that they were saved then! What a wonderful blessing, and such a joy to be a part of! I truly praise God for them. 

Back at a surprise wedding shower held at the Alessio's for us...



Back when we were making out wedding invitations.

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