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Our Wedding!!!

Hello all,
Hope everyone's doing well. A lot has happened since I was last here. Amanda and I had a wedding, went on our honeymoon, moved, and lots more.
It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! The best part about it was that God was there. The next best part was that Amanda was the bride, and I was the groom!
Our wedding was such a very big blessing, and it’s all because of God. He was so evident in it all along  and in such a powerful way. God was truly taking pleasure in us. It was as though He was jumping, shouting, and laughing for joy right along with us. We are so thankful for Him and the undeserved favor He has shown us. It is such a blessing to follow the Lord and see His plans for us come into being. Oh, it is wonderful to be married in holiness and purity under the full blessing of God and of our parents. It is such a blessing to look back and see that, as best we knew, we followed Him in it all the way.
There are so many of you precious brothers and sisters who have joined in our joy, and we deeply thank you for it. Everyone has been so excited with us. The Lord has surrounded us with such precious people. We have felt so much love.  God has been so good to us. I am almost in shock at the wonder of it all. Words cannot tell what a blessing it is. We are truly enjoying marriage. THANK THE LORD!

Here we are with my father, who conducted the ceremony. He gave a great message on the Everlasting Covenant of marriage. Our wedding was on the eigth day of the eigth month of the eigth year (08-08-08). Biblically the number eight represents a new covenent.

Amanda and her father, Mr Biddinger

The Victory Shout!!!

The Ring Bearer and Flower girl
Allex, friend of all
Phyllissa, sister of Amanda

The wedding party

Us with Amanda's parents

Amanda with her family

Amanda with her brothers...




All the girls

Jr. Bridesmaids Grace and Jemima, Amanda's sisters

"The Princess" Susanna, Amanda's sister

Us with my parents

My family and I

The Groomen and I...

My brother Jeriah was my Best Man

Eleazar, my brother

Levi, my brother

Andrew, Amanda's brother

The Ringbearer, Alex Johnson

The Bride and Groom...

We sang to each other...

Amanda surprised me with a very sweet song with words she had written for me.

The Vivacce Quartet The Alessios played the music for the wedding.

"I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Our wedding verse.

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