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The good Lord blessed Amanda and me with a couple of trips. This is San Juan, Puerto Rico. We call it our second honeymoon. We went with Child Evangelism Fellowship. They hosted the trip.

It was such a pretty place. We could sure see the beauty of Jesus there.

This was the view from our room's balcony. It was perfect temperature there all the time. We left the door open all night and listened to the waves. So romantic!

The Hotel lobby at night

This is a peaceful little Japanese garden there. It was one of my favorite spots. A great place to go after dark, play guitar, and sing to the Lord. I did that for quite a while one night.

This is a little fort that was next to our hotel

We took a trolley ride through Old San Juan. It's an interesting city. It was founded in 1521, and they have all these really old walls and forts around it.

Old and new

There was a field where everyone flew kites. I think this boy's string got tangled. How do you like those pink shoes?

John the Baptist, who the city was named after.

A blue cobblestone road

A cruise ship at night

This was the view out the second hotel we stayed in (the one we paid for). It was fun. :-) There were so many bad reviews online about the place it was almost unbelievable, so we just had to try it for the adventure. It also helped that it was the cheapest hotel in San Juan. :-D It wasn't near as bad as we were hoping though.

Had a lot of fun out in the beautiful ocean.

No one can make places this beautiful but God, and all the people come flocking to see it. May they see His beauty in it. It's all of Him.

The airlines put us up an extra night, so here's out the window of our last hotel there.

Flying over the ocean. This was somewhere near Florida.

Had a stop in Miami. We got to go out in a little garden and enjoy some singing and sun.

Psalms 24:1 The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

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