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We took a trip to California. We've called it the third half of our honeymoon. Amanda and I are becoming quite good honeymooners!

This is on the airplane. That's Natalie with her son Evan. Amanda was talking with her about Jesus and our need for forgiveness through Him for about the last hour of the flight. This picture was taken just after she had finished receiving salvation in Jesus! Yippee, Yippee! We were so encouraged by Natalie, and have been ever since.


This is beside my Grandpa's front porch. He has ripe oranges, lemons, and grapefruit that we thoroughly enjoyed...

Grandpa's little friends. This is Maddie, and her sister Maryanna is below.

We had fun together in what 3-year-old Maddie calls "Ben's spot" (spa)!

My Great-Grandfather Bendixen was an artist, and this was his studio.

They sure like each other.

Silicon Valley from my Grandpa's deck

My cousin Derek Bendixen in a tree

Thomas and Lucy Shou. We went to their home for fellowship.  Thomas Shou is a songwriter, and we recorded some music together. Here's a video of it...

My old hangout Great Bear Coffee. See Post 88.

These "trees" were actually only three or four inches tall!


A wild seal

We sat out here at the Capitola beach singing for an hour or two one day. It was great.

My Grandpa Ben Bendixen and his fovorite food, CAKE! We went to celebrate his 90th birthday. His friends and relatives traveled from all over to see him. He was so pleased. 

My Grandpa with his sister Joanie from Oregon.

Here are some pictures from when he was younger...

This is him at his gas station "Ben's Standard Service" in Key Largo, Florida

This is him with his wife (my Grandmother). He had won a boat race in Panama.

Some of the birthday party cooks putting their feet up at the end of the day!

Exploring Grandpa's canyon.

All of us youngsters went for a hike. A river and redwoods...



Made it back home. Praise the Lord!

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