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Glory to God we're having a baby! December 24th is the due date. Yippee our first child!

And no, we won't tell you the baby's name, or find out if the baby is a boy or girl until the birth. So keep guessing! Hahahaha!

Everyone's so excited!
The little girls picked us a bunch of wild flowers in celebration of the baby on the way.

This is when we told Amanda's family the Biddingers.

This is back on the day we found out. We had a celebration dinner. We kept the good news to ourselves for 3 weeks until we couldn't keep it in any longer.

Thank you Jesus! We're having a baby!

Things have been looking mighty beautiful out our door recently...

We helped in Isaac Boskovic, and Cara Whitney's wedding. (Now Isaac and Cara Boskovic)
It was such a beautiful wedding. The presence of the Lord made it that way...

My Dad and Mom. My Dad gave an inspiring message on God's view of marriage. In Christ-In Love. Can't live your marriage for yourself, it'll be ugly. Can't live it for your spouse, it will have same good but still lack. You must live your marriage for God, only that will have lasting joy.

These girls stuck a bunch of roses in my jacket.

Isaac and Cara had us sing this song. Can two walk together unless they walk with God?

Here we are making the lemon bars for the wedding.

Lemuel's cowboy belly

Heyworths got chickens. Oh no!

I've been at the cello. Here we are in concert a couple weeks back. The Trillium Chamber Orchestra...


Glory to Jesus! We'll be at the 2009 Rochester Heritage Festival again this year.

I'll be singing from 10:00AM to 6:00PM Sat. May 23rd and Sun. May 24th.

See last year's festival here, Post 182.


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