Post 2

Some great little friends of mine. R to L it's Laura Carriger, William Carriger, and Julianna Carriger. They're terrific, the whole family is. I remember when I first became friends with Laura. It took place probably around 3 years ago('01), and I don't think we had even talked before that. After a Thursday night home fellowship I was kind of discouraged, I didn't think home fellowship had gone too well. But Laura jumped up on my lap and gave me a big hug. She really encouraged me, showed me that there is hope and things are alright. Now as for William, he's a good guitar player. He can sit on my knee while I play guitar and he strums while I do the finger picking. It really works great. Julianna, seams like she's just as loving and careing as Jesus.

Playing a game with the Kisslings.

Joel Kissling!

Nate and Bethany Boyd, long time friends. And jeriah.

Mr. Tim Boyd! He's a joker.

Some goof ball.

Nate praisin' the Lord! With volleyball.

Josh Boyd

Mrs. Boyd and Beth.

Elisabeth Alessio, cute huh?

Levi caught a turtle!

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