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Hi everyone.

Paul Washer is in town!
Our church will be going to hear him preach this Sunday evening. You come too!

Paul Washer is Preaching!
Barean Baptist Church
38303 Eight Mile Road
Livonia MI 48152
October 18-23
Sun 11 am and 6pm, Mon-Fri 7pm

Several friends of mine have entered the Bible Bee and have placed in the top 100 nationally. They are raising funds to go to the national contest in Washington DC. Please support them by attending these fun benefits they have put together.

Bible Bee Benefit Concert
First Baptist Church of Troy
2601 John R Road,
Troy MI 48083
Friday October  16th at 7pm

Bible Bee Benefit at the

Big Boy Restaurant

2995 E. Long Lake Rd. Troy MI.

Thursday, October 29th


Amanda and I went on a road trip to Chicago and Osh-Kosh WI...

Here we are Camping!

Good morning!

Here we are visiting Amanda's brother Donnie and sister Katie at their school and church,
Hyles-Anderson Collage, and First Baptist of Hammond...

Katie, Amanda, Me, Donnie, and Connie at dinner.


This is the stairwell at Hyles-Anderson Collage where my parents first remember seeing each other.

I went out on my first church bus route and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's brother Don at the wheel doing what he lives for. He loves that Chicago bus route. First he drops all the bus workers off on their streets where there wake everyone up and have them get ready. Then in a half hour he comes back and picks everyone up.

"And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." Luke 14:23

Their program on the bus ride was so great. Lot's of fun repeat-after-me songs, a Bible lesson, and even an ugly worker contest!

They run lots of buses, here are many of them.

Matt and Naomi's wedding in Osh-Kosh WI. Amanda had worked with these two when she was at the Indianapolis Training Center. Matt was here boss, and Naomi worked the front desk.


Bill Gothard


Mrs. Norcross and Mrs, Gergeni

The Gomez family

And they're off!

Back home in Michigan...

I've been sitting on park bench in the Boulevard in the mornings, singing and reading the Bible. This squirrel has been keeping me company out there.

On Saturday a man drove up and talked to me...

His name is J.T. Beasley and he's 85 years old. He played this song on my guitar.

Justin Wegner. Here he is at 5 weeks old and doing well. He was born at 29 weeks (11 weeks early). That's how far along our baby is now. It is amazing to see Justin so tiny, yet fully formed. Praise the Lord! He is quite an answer to prayer.

They do have him on oxygen and a supplemental feeding tube for now, but he should be finished with those soon. He's so cute!  God is good!

Here's something Amanda wrote that I really love...

For generations, God Himself had governed Israel. He gave direction through priests, prophets, judges, and sometimes even undistinguished individuals. This arrangement required tremendous faith, but it came with great reward. After a while, however, Israel decided that this was no longer satisfactory. They asked for a king to be set over them: a tangible leader—someone they could see and hear and touch. Rejecting God as their King, they abandoned faith in exchange for “sight.” This decision cost Israel dearly and caused a whole new set of problems that would last for generations to come.

God wants His children to “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7). When we ask God for direction, we must be sure not to ask for too much confirmation. “Faith is… the evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). If the answer is so obvious that we can “see” it, no faith is required to obey. “Sight” robs us both of faith and of the rewards that come from acting in faith. It also prevents us from pleasing God, because “without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Heb. 11:6). Let us not wait for “sight” when God wants us to step out in faith.

-Amanda Lee Bendixen

Lord, may we see only You!

We'll end on this fine show of Jason Wegner and his dinosaur.

God bless you with His power.

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