Post 230 B

Rachel Johnston came for a visit.


We had Jemima for a while. She had lots of fun with Amity, and we always have lots of fun with Jemima.

Here we are on New Years Eve, blowing our horns.

The church kids sending us off.

Susanna's sixth Birthday


We went on a road trip. We were able to see quite a few of Amanda friends from her life before me. The Lord gave us many blessings along the way, many things were just given to us out of the blue. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel then we found that the people who had been at the table next to ours had paid for our dinner before they left. Isn't that great? Things like that, people were just very hospitable and generous to us all along the way. God is good!

First to Indianapolis...

The Indianapolis Training Center, where Amanda worked with youth before we were married.

Mrs. Gergeni

The Log Cabin at I.T.C.

We drove past the Indianapolis Children's Museum but didn't have time to go inside.

On to see Angela Morse...

Then we spent 5 days with the Norcrosses near Louisville...

Brooke Norcross

Then we had a delightful visit with the Carman sisters in Lexington, KY...

Alaina Carman

Visiting the Johnsons in the hills of Kentucky...

It was a wild ride!

It was the first time Amity's seen Veggie Tales, she like them.

Here we are at the Johnson's church. It was a wonderful place to be. I got to sing and do a little preaching! I love doing that. They sure were some wonderful people to be around. We just couldn't leave...

Amity's first pigtails

On to the...

Creation Museum in Cincinnati, OH!

Us with Paul

Methusala and I

A lollipop with a real scorpion inside. The cashier told us they're edible, and people actually eat them!

And this closes out our trip. Our hotel had a pool, so we did some swimming.

We visited Brent and Laurie (Matheson) Campau. It was really funny, people I think of as kids are actually marring and having kids. God is good!...

Brent and Laurie

Did you hear? We're expecting our second baby! So this is Laurie and Amanda, two pregnant girls. (Laurie is farther along than Amanda.) Hers is actually already born by now, and ours is due is September.

All four of us, our little family.

Andy and Beverly Matheson (and baby)

A captivating message by the legendary preacher Lester Roloff. If you want the short version start with part 4 of 6.
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